Vilborg Dagbjartsdóttir

Vilborg Dagbjartsdóttir was born at the farm Hjalli in Vestdalseyri on July 18, 1930. She studied for the theatre in 1951 and from 1952-1953 she joined a course in acting. Vilborg graduated as a teacher from Iceland's Teacher Training Collage in 1952 and studied for Library and Information Science at the University of Iceland in 1982.

Vilborg worked as a writer and schoolteacher for years, but has now retired from teaching. She has published a number of books for children, both fiction and non fiction books. She has also published collections of poetry for adults and is one of Iceland's best known poets. Vilborg has translated many books for children and adults, and has dedicated herself to promoting children's issues.

Vilborg was one of the founders of Rauðsokkahreyfingin (Red-Stocking-Feminists) and had a seat at the centre of the movement in 1970. She was a member of the board for the Icelandic Department of Women's International Society for Culture and Peace. She has been a member of the board for the Trade Union of Icelandic Teachers of Children, The Icelandic Writers Associsation and The Writers Union of Iceland. Vilborg was a member of the board for the filmclubs Kvikmyndaklúbburinn and Litla Bíó from 1968-1970.

In 1960 Vilborg published her first book of poetry and at that time she was one of a few women in Iceland to write modernist poetry. Her poems appeared in the literary magazine Birtingur and since then she has published numerous poems and articles in magazines and collections in Iceland and abroad.

Vilborg was married to Þorgeir Þorgeirsson who has now passed away. She has two grown up sons. She lives in Reykjavík.

See Vilborg's website with translated poetry here


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