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Sölvi Björn Sigurðsson

Sölvi Björn Sigurðsson was born in Selfoss on October 7 1978. He lived in Selfoss until the age of 11 and then moved to the capital area. After finishing his secondary education in Reykjavík in 1998, Sölvi studied French at Université Paul Valery in Montpellier for a year and then went on to study Icelandic and Comparative Literature at The University of Iceland, graduating with a B.A. degree in 2002. He received his M.lit. degree in Publishing Studies from The University of Sterling in Scotland in 2005. In addition to Scotland and France, Sölvi has lived in Spain and England. He has done a number of jobs through the years, sold books, sat churches, built windows, documented archeological findings and looked after national treasures.

Sölvi's first published work of fiction is the poetry book Ást og frelsi (Love and Freedom) from 2000. Since then, he has sent forward two other books of poetry and two novels, as well as translations. He has also been the editor of several works, the first was the literary magazine Blóðberg which he and Sigurður Ólafsson published and edited in 1998. Other editing includes the poetry collection Ljóð ungra skálda (Poems by Young Poets), where Sölvi follows in the footsteps of Magnús Ásgeirsson who edited a book with the same title in 1954. Sölvi has also written articles for newspapers and magazines and his fiction and translations have been published in magazines and collections. He has taken part in literary festivals in Iceland and abroad, such as The H.C. Islandus festival in Copenhagen in 2005 and The Leith Festival in Edinborough in the same year.

Sölvi Björn Sigurðsson lives in Reykjavík.

Publisher: Mál og menning / Sögur.


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