Björn Þorláksson

Björn Þorláksson was born in Húsavík, north Iceland, on April 28, 1965. He grew up with his parents and three older sisters on the farm Vogar in the Mývatn district. After finishing his grade schol at Laugar in Reykjadalur, Björn studied at the Akureyri College, graduating in 1985. After that he studied Icelandic and literature at The University of Iceland and did hotel management studies in Switzerland.

Björn did a number of agricultural, trade and service jobs in his younger years, after which he made piano playing his profession for a while. He started working as a journalist in the early nineties and has since then worked for all the major Icelandic newspapers, as well as the National Broadcasting Service and Stöð 2 TV.

Björn published his first work in 2001, the short story collection Við (Us). Three novels followed, the latest one is Villibörn (Wild Children) from 2008.

Björn is married to Arndís Bergsdóttir and they have four children among them. They live in Akureyri.

Publisher: Tindur


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