Aðalsteinn Ásberg Sigurðsson

Aðalsteinn Ásberg Sigurðsson

Aðalsteinn Ásberg Sigurðsson was born in Húsavík, north Iceland on the 22nd of July, 1955. He grew up on the farm Öndólfsstaðir in Reykjadalur, in the same region. Aðalsteinn studied Icelandic language and literature at the University of Iceland in the winter of 1976-1977. He also studied music- and drama, and attended courses in film script making and playwrighting.

From 1980 Aðalsteinn has dedicated himself to writing and to music. He has published a number of poetry collections and children's books besides working as a translator. Aðalsteinn's first published work was the poetry book, Ósánar lendur, in 1977. Aðalsteinn Ásberg was one of the founders of the folk music group Vísnavinir and he also played in the band Hálft i hvoru. He has published music for children along with his wife, singer Anna Pálína Árnadóttir who passed away in 2004.

Aðalsteinn Ásberg was the managing director of the Union of Composers and lyrics 1988-1998, president of Nordisk Populærautor Union 1993-1995 and president of the Writers Union of Iceland 1998 - 2006.

Aðalsteinn Ásberg Sigurðsson lives with his three children in Reykjavík.

Publisher: Mál og menning / Dimma.

Author photo: Nökkvi Elíasson.


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