Birgitta Halldórsdóttir

Birgitta Halldórsdóttir was born on June 20, 1959 at the farm Eldjárnsstaðir in Blöndudalur in North Iceland. She grew up at the farm Syðri-Löngumýri in the same region and attended school at Húnavellir and at Laugarvatn in South of Iceland. Birgitta has lived with her husband at the farm where she grew up since 1986, but they started out at the farm Leifsstaðir in Svartárdalur where he grew up. They have two children.

Birgitta has published many novels and interview books. Her first novel, Inga, appeared in 1983 and since then she has published a book almost every year. Her stories, which contain a mixture of suspense and romance, are very popular with Icelandic readers.

Publisher: Skjaldborg.


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