Didda was born in Selfoss on November 29, 1964. After two weeks of living there, she moved to Reykjavík where she grew up. She tried out a number of elementary schools in the capital and then she went to the secondary school in Selfoss and later in Reykjavík. From 1987 – 1989 Didda studied at Cordwainers Technical College in London and graduated as a handbag- and purse maker, the only one to hold this diploma in Iceland.

In the eightees, Didda wrote a number of lyrics for Icelandic bands. The best known one is without doubt the lyric "Ó Reykjavík, ó Reykjavík", perfomed by the punk band Vonbrigði. Her first book, the poetry collection Lastafans og lausar skrúfur (Abounded Vices and Loose Screws) was published in 1995. Since then, Didda has published two novels. She played one of the leading roles in the film Stormy Weather by French/Icelandic director Sólveig Anspach which premiered in Cannes in 2003. Didda received the Icelandic Edda award as the best actress of the year for her role in the movie.

Didda lived in London from 1997 – 1988, and then went to Cuba for a year. Since 1999, she has lived in Reykjavík with her two sons, and done a number of jobs on the side of her writing career. 

Publisher: JPV útgáfa.


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