Oddný Eir Ævarsdóttir

Oddný Eir Ævarsdóttir

Oddný Eir Ævarsdóttir was born in Reykjavík in 1972. She studied philosphy at the University of Iceland, graduating in 2000 with an MA in political philosophy. She studied for her doctorate in the Sorbonne for five years, receiving a DEA-degree for her thesis on the political importance of the archive.

Oddný Eir has been a researcher in the Icelandic museum and archive scene, and worked with the singer Björk on projects of nature preservation and innovation. She also worked with Björk as a writer, among other things, on the Biophilia project. Oddný has worked with artists as a writer and curator, among those is her brother Uggi Ævarsson; together they ran the exhibition space Dandruff Space in New York city, and currently run the small publishing company Apaflasa. Oddný Eir has been active in the Icelandic cultural scene for the last few years, editing three art books, editing the website Náttú, lecturing and teaching regularly at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts.

Oddný's first book of poetry, snjór piss hár (snow piss hair) came out in 2000 as part of a case with five small print books by various authors, published by Apaflasa. Her first novel, Opnun kryppunnar (Splitting the Hump), was published in 2004. The novels Heim til míns hjarta (Home to My Heart) and Jarðnæði (Plan of Ruins) followed in 2009 and 2011, respectively. Soon to be published are the book of poetry Mér er illt í hernum (My Army Hurts) and artist book piece Snjóalög (Layers of Snow).

Jarðnæði was nominated to the Icelandic Literature Prize in 2011 and was the winner of The Women's Literature Award, Fjöruverðlaunin, in 2012. Heim til míns hjarta was nominated for the DV Cultural Prize in 2009.

Oddný Eir lives in Reykjavík.

Publisher: Bjartur.


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