Helga Möller

Helga Möller was born in Reykjavík on October 3, 1950. She grew up in the west part of Reykjavík, the youngest of four siblings. After finishing her middle school education, she studied as a dance teacher, both in Iceland and Denmark. She graduated from Carlsens Institut in Copenhagen in 1969. Helga also studied languages in Denmark and in England, and later took courses at Hamrahlíð secondary school in Reykjavík. Besidede her career as a dance teacher, Helga worked as a secretary for ISAL, was a model in Iceland and abroad for a number of years and danced professionally.

For years, she has worked at magazine publishing, both as an advertising director and a journalist. She was also a news reporter for the Icelandic National television for one summer. Helga was on the parental board of the Icelandic Ballet School for some time, and was a board member for Model 79, a model agency in Iceland. She is a member of the Writers Union of Iceland and SÍUNG, the children's author's association of Iceland.

Helga's first book was the children's book Puntrófur og Pottormar (Princesses and Pranksters) in 1992. Before then she had writtten, illustrated and read children's story for the story hour on Icelandic National television. Helga has published three other children's books since then.

In 1977 Helga had her only daughter, Katrín A. Johnson, with her ex husband. Katrín is a dancer at the Icelandic Ballet. Helga is now married to Benedikt Geirsson. They live in Reykjavík.


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