Helgi Guðmundsson

Helgi Guðmundsson was born on October 9, 1943 at Staðastaður in Snæfellsnes where his father was a minister and his mother a housewife, in accordance with the custom of the time. Just after his birth, he moved to Neskaupsstaður with his parents and two older brothers. When Helgi was nine years old his father suddenly passed away and the children, which were four by then, were seperated due to their mothers illness. Helgi lived at Skuggahlíð in Norðfjarðarhreppur in the same region for the next ten years, with some intervals though. Helgi studied carpentry and graduated from the Reykjavík Trade School as a carpenter in 1967. He became a – in the trade in Akureyri in 1974. Helgi started getting involved in politics and taking part in social matters as a teenager and for instance became president of the Trade Student Association and was later in the lead of the carpentry association. Soon after finishing his education, Helgi moved north, first to Húsavík and then to Akureyri in 1971. Helgi's interest in social matters led to a change in his career. He became editor of a paper published by Alþýðubandalagið (The People's Alliance) in the Norht-East, worked for the unions in the region, was president of The Carpentry Association of Akureyri, a member of the town council, and sat on the board of Menningar-og fræðuslusamband alþýðu (The People's Culture- and Educational Society of Iceland) for two decades, and was it's president for eight years.

In 1984 Helgi moved to Reykjavík with his family and after that his writing career started for real. He worked as a journalist for the newspaper Þjóðviljinn for some years, and was the paper's editor together with Árni Bergmann from 1990 – 1992, when the publication was stopped. Helgi's first books, Þeir máluðu bæinn rauðan (They Painted the Town Red) and the children's book Markús Árelíus were published in 1989. The former is a history book, dealing with politics and social issues in his home region of Norðfjörður. Since then, he has published five other books. Helgi has also written numerous articles for newspapers and magazines about various issues.

Helgi lives with his common law wife in Reykjavík. He has three children and two stepchildren.

Publisher: Mál og menning.


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