Jónas Þorbjarnarson

Jónas Þorbjarnarson

Jónas Þorbjarnarson was born in Akureyri on April 18, 1960. After completing highschool in 1980, he studied music at the New Music-School in Akureyri and completed stage six on classical guitar in 1983. He received a B.S. degree in physical therapy from the University of Iceland in 1985, and studied philosophy at the same school from 1988 - 1990. Jónas worked as a physical therapist, journalist, national park guard, and as a waiter, but from the year 1989 he mainly focused on writing..

Jónas published a number of poetry books. The first, Í jaðri bæjarins (On the Edge of Town), came out in 1989. His book Andartak í jörðu (A Moment in Earth) was nominated for the DV Cultural Prize in 1993, and Jónas was also awarded first prize in poetry competitions hosted by newspaper Morgunblaðið and the Committee for the National Holiday. His poems have been translated into other languages, such as Chinese, French and Gelic.

Jónas Þorbjarnarson died on May 28th 2012.

Publisher: JPV.


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