Mikael Torfason

Mikael Torfason was born on August 8, 1974 in Reykjavík. He grew up in the capital, moving frequently between neighbourhoods, and often stayed in the country for the summer. He completed primary school in 1989 and took night classes at Hamrahlíð Highschool and studied through distance learning at the Akureyri School of Trade in 1995-1997. In addition to this Mikael has attended many courses on manuscripting hosted by The Icelandic Film fund, Nordisk Film og TV Fond, and European Script Fund. He has written articles and short stories for newspapers and magazines, made programs for the radio and television and was for a while the editor of DV newspaper supplement Fókus. Currently, he is one of two editors of DV newspaper.

Mikael's first novel, Falskur fugl (A Fake Bird), was published in 1997 and garnered considerable notice. He has published three novels since. He has also written film manuscripts and in addition directed one of them, the film Gemsar (Made in Iceland). His novel Heimsins heimskasti pabbi (The World's Dumbest Dad) has been published in Finland and Denmark and other foreign publishers have indicated their interest. Mikael's latest novel Samúel (Samuel), published in 2002, was nominated for the Icelandic Literature Award. A monologue by Mikael, Hinn fullkomni maður (The Perfect Man), was staged at the Reykjavík City Theatre in 2002.

Mikael Torfason lives in Reykjavík. He is married with two children.

Publisher: JPV.


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