Oddur Björnsson

Oddur Björnsson was born on October 25, 1932 at Ásar in Skaftártunga, in Skaftafellssýsla West. He graduated from high school in 1953 and studied drama at the University of Vienna from 1954-1956. He worked as a librarian at the Reykjavík City Library from 1959-1965, was a teacher at the Reykjavík Trade School from 1964-1977 and the director of Akureyri Drama Society 1978-1980. Oddur furthermore worked as a writer and at the theatre, directing plays for The National Theatre, Akureyri Drama Society and The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service.

In 1967 Oddur published a novel, Kvörnin, and two years later a children's book. Apart from this he mainly wrote for the theatre, his plays have been staged for the theatre, radio and television, and some published in print. In addition to this, Oddur illustrated a number of books by other authors and written articles for newspapers and magazines. A few of his works have been translated into other languages.

Oddur Björnsson passed away on November 21st 2011.


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