Ólafur Haukur Símonarson

Ólafur Haukur Símonarson was born on August 24, 1947 in Reykjavík. He studied interior design in Copenhagen 1965-1968 and literature in Copenhagen and Strasbourg from 1969-1972. He moved home from Denmark in 1974. Ólafur worked as a producer for two years for The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, among other things making documentaries about Icelandic daily life. He was the director of Alþýðuleikhúsið (the People's Theatre) 1980-1982. Ólafur has done numerous jobs, but since 1976 he has mostly dedicated his time to writing and translation.

Ólafur Haukur has been on the board of many societies and associations. He was the chairman of The Icelandic Dramatists´ Union from 1986 - 1999, and was vice-chairman of The Writer's Union of Iceland. Ólafur has been a member of the board of STEF (the Society of Composers and Holders of Copyright) in Iceland since 1986, he was the vice-president of I.T.I's (International Theatre Institut) playwrights' committee 1993-1998, and was a member of the committee for selecting projects for the Theatre Festival in Bonn (Bonner Theater Biennale) in 1992 and 1994.

Ólafur Haukur has written a number of popular plays for the stage, radio and television. Examples are Blómarósir (Lovely Lasses), Bílaverkstæði Badda (Baddi's Garage), Hafið (The Sea), Gauragangur (Hullabaloo), Þrek og tár (Endurance and Tears) and Kennarar óskast (Teaching Vacancies). He adapted his play Bílaverkstæði Badda for the cinema as Ryð (Rust), and Hafið has also been adapted for the screen (by Baltasar Kormákur).

Besides poetry and short stories Ólafur has published a number of novels, such as Vatn á myllu kölska (Water on the Devils Mill), Gauragangur (Hullabaloo) and Rigning með köflum (Rain With Sunny Spells). In 1997 the crime novel Líkið í rauða bílnum (The Corpse in the Red Car) was awarded a French literature prize as the best Nordic crime story. Ólafur Haukur has translated a number of books, plays and films. He has written non-fiction works and his articles and short stories have appeared in newspapers, magazines and collection in Iceland and abroad. Furthermore he is the author of many popular songs and lyrics.

Ólafur Haukur is married with three children. He lives in Reykjavík.


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