Páll Kristinn Pálsson

Páll Kristinn Pálsson was born on April 22, 1956 in Reykjavík, and was brought up in the neighbouring town of Hafnarfjörður. After completing a commercial diploma from The Commercial College of Iceland in 1975 he went to highschool in Hafnarfjörður, graduating in 1978. He studied sociology and comparative literature at The University of Iceland in 1978-1986 and after that he took film studies at the University of Copenhagen until 1993. Páll has worked as a journalist from 1977 and publised numerous articles in newspapers and magazines. He has furthermore been the editor of papers for various societies and worked in the advertising business. He has also done various educational films and documentaries for video, some of them with director Hilmar Oddsson. Three of these films were nominated for an award at an international festival for educational and promotional films in Budapest in 1996.

Together with writer Árni Þórarinsson Páll has manuscripted two fictional television films and they have also written two crime novels together, the latter one published in 2006. Páll Kristinn's first novel, Hallærisplanið (Dead-End Square), was published in 1982. Since then he has published novels, short stories and interview books.

Páll Kristinn Pálsson lives in Reykjavík. He is married with four children.

Publisher: JPV-útgáfa.


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